Across our site and to everyone who enters our dealership, we proudly mention SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. You may be wondering what it means to you as a prospective Mazda owner. At its core, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is a smarter approach to driving. Mazda believes that fuel efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of vehicle performance. SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is a way of enhancing both.

Each aspect of Mazda vehicles is engineered to maximize the driver’s experience and efficiency. This ranges from body design to engine technology. We find that it works in our MPG ratings and superior performance. When you test drive a Mazda at our dealership in Greenwood, you’ll understand that Mazdas aren’t created like other cars.

What makes SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY more fuel efficient?

A conventional internal combustion engine only harnesses roughly 30 percent of potential energy. Mazda has simply built a smarter engine. We’ve pushed the limits of internal combustion. SKYACTIV® engines are able to compress the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders to an extraordinary degree. They maximize every drop of fuel in the vehicle.This not only saves you money, but is better for the environment overall.

What about driving experience?

Let’s talk the SKYACTIV®-Drive transmissions. These responsive transmissions ensure precision and responsiveness, making your drive better and safer. Available in automatic or manual, you can choose what you like and be guaranteed that the efficiency of a Mazda car or SUV with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY doesn’t skimp on the fun of the drive.

Plus, part of the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY platform is a stronger, yet lighter, body and chassis. This is at the core of the Mazda driving experience. Providing plenty of flexibility at low speeds, yet stability at high speeds, you will feel the difference when you step behind the wheel of a Mazda.

Mazda never stops working to ensure that their vehicles are the best cars on the market. Come by Hubler Mazda to drive a new Mazda today and experience the difference. Call Call Sales Phone Number317-885-7379 today or schedule your test drive by looking through our online inventory. Your exceptional Mazda buying experience starts here, and our team will work hard to earn your trust and business.