All About Brakes

Why are my brakes squeaking?

Brakes are quite possibly the most important safety mechanism in your Mazda vehicle. Without working brakes, you are a hazard to yourself and those around you on the road. Also, your car won’t operate as efficiently as it could with brakes that are up to par. Hear the telltale squeak of brakes gone bad when you’re on the road? What does it mean? Read on to find out.

Your Brake Pads Could Be Worn Down

When your brake pads are worn extremely thin, the squealing you hear may be the indicator meant to warn drivers that their brakes need servicing. A squeak from this indicator means that your brake pads are worn very thin and, if not serviced, will be metal on metal soon. You don’t want this because it makes your braking inefficient and dangerous and will lead to costly future repairs.

You May Have Moisture in Your Brakes

If it has just rained or your car has been sitting for a while, the squeak may simply be caused by moisture build up in your brakes. This can lead to a thin layer of rust that your brakes have to scrape off. To avoid this, garage your vehicle as much as possible. If the squeal you’re hearing doesn’t correct itself after driving, you’ll want to get your brakes checked out by the Mazda repair experts at Hubler Mazda’s service department.

Your Rear Brakes May Need Lubrication

Drum brakes, usually found in the rear of your vehicle, need proper lubrication to function efficiently. If your vehicle has drum brakes, the best way to avoid this squeak is to have your brakes serviced regularly and get the proper lubrication applied. Our service technicians at Hubler Mazda can help.

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